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  1. Velocity Bangle 65mm Silver

    Velocity Bangle 65mm Silver Size: Circumference - 20.5cm
  2. Gold Cosmos Petite Bracelet

    Make your dreams come true with Kagi. For hundreds of years people have worn lucky coins as talismans for good luck give to them by loved ones. It is a Celtic belief that on a full moon, any coins you possess should be turned over and you can make a wish, thus Kagi's Three Wishes collection centers around beautiful coin shaped embellished discs engraved with 'DREAM, LOVE, SHINE' on the reverse. Match this stunning adjustable bracelet with our Gold Cosmos ear charms, pendant and ring to bring you good luck wherever you go.
  3. Soho Petite Bracelet

    Capturing the brilliance of diamond solitaires, the SOHO collection sparkles like the lights of the New York City Skyline. These Brilliant cut zirconia designs light up the room. The adjustable SOHO bracelet can be worn alone or layered with the steel me bracelets. Complete the look with the matching Soho Rings and Earrings.
  4. Feather Kisses Bracelet - Silver

    What is in a kiss? Much is in a kiss... From that first bonding moment between a mother and a newborn, to greetings and goodbyes between friends to the affection and comfort of family. And romantic love would be nothing without the thrill of it. So many kisses, such little time. Kisses are nice to give and even better to receive.
  5. Down to Earth Pod Bracelet - Silver

    A promise of new beginnings the Pod Bracelet with a dangling sparkle of peridot reminds the wearer to look forward to every day.
  6. Midnight Haematite bracelet

    The Black Luxe update features hand facetted Haematite in a variety of sizes, a perfect way to refresh your black winter wardrobe. Haematite has been used over the years to help empower confidence by boosting the mind and body. Match this bracelet with the matching hematite necklaces and earrings.
  7. Charm Bracelet Complete - Silver

    Charm Bracelet Complete Silver
  8. A Drop in the Ocean-Bangle

    Inspired by the natural elements, the "Drop in the Ocean bangle is a first for Boh in her 7 years designing jewellery for NZ Mint. This piece has weight and curves with a glimpse of shimmering Blue Topaz and a droplet "cutout" featured. You wont want to take it off.
  9. Gold Goddess Bracelet

    Be an everyday goddess with Kagi's new Athena collection. Inspired by the goddess Athena who represented beauty and wisdom, this range combines gold with real cultured pearls for a stunning collection. Pair this Goddess bracelet with a stunning Goddess necklace for the ultimate in understated glamour.
  10. Soho Petite Bracelet

    Adorn your wrist with a special bracelet. Featuring sparkling interlocking orbs, this bracelet adds a timeless sparkle and elegance to your look. 'This bracelet has just the right amount of sparkle.' - Kat Gee.
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Items 1 to 10 of 19 total

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