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Boh Runga

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  1. Lil Perfect Circle Stacker Rings - Silver

    The divine circle in religion and science symbolises perfection. The stacker rings of 7 can represent the 7 days of creation the 7 chakras to enlightenment, or a prayer for each day of the week.Find your meaning.
  2. Lil Sweetheart Ring - Silver

    Why wear your heart on your sleeve when you can wear your Lil Sweetheart ring?
  3. Feather Kisses Ring - Silver

    What is in a kiss? Much is in a kiss... From that first bonding moment between a mother and a newborn, to greetings and goodbyes between friends to the affection and comfort of family. And romantic love would be nothing without the thrill of it. So many kisses, such little time. Kisses are nice to give and even better to receive.
  4. Down to Earth Midi Ring - Silver

    Set with a bright peridot the Down to Earth Midi ring can be worn as a traditional ring or choose a smaller size and wear between the first and second joint of the finger. Peridot brings calm and attracts love and light to the wearer.
  5. Lil Southern Cross Ring - Silver

    Used by ancient mariners to navigate the Southern Seas, the Southern Cross constellation was thought by Maori to be the anchor for a great sky canoe.
  6. Stargazers Chain Star Ring

    Looking up into the night sky, a beacon of stars gleams and guides the traveller home...

    Matariki is the name Maori gave the Pleiades star cluster, navigational pinpoints in the sky for brave seafarers and the sign to prepare for the coming New Year, a promise of good things to come for Aotearoa's Children.

  7. Lil Hugs and Kisses Ring - Silver

    Because no one can ever have enough of either.
  8. Lil Tiki Ring - Silver

    Its origins steeped in mystery, the Hei Tiki is recognisable as an intrinsic part of Maori culture. It has been adopted by New Zealanders and visitors to Aotearoa alike and is always worn with pride.
  9. A Drop in the Ocean Midi-Pinky Ring

    Inspired by the natural elements The "Drop In the ocean Midi-Pinky Ring is an on trend ring with Blue Topaz set into the high profile. This sweet piece can be worn as a midi (top of the fingers) or pinky ring - you decide.
Set Ascending Direction


9 Item(s)